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Whitethorn's Designs

Whitethorn Hardwoods is a small independent hardwood mill near the Lost Coast in Northern California. Whitethorn's small staff prides itself on its work. Lead members Bob McKee and Ken Forden have over 70 years combined experience working with both hardwoods and softwoods.

Bob and Ken have been heavily influenced by the tradition of the California Arts and Crafts movement in their own work . They allow elements of Art Nouveau - and a sense of humor - into their serious work. Bob and Ken believe that responsible joinery and long-lived products make for a more sustainable forest. The woodworkers they serve, along with their own work, reflect those values.

From milling logs to sales of cabinet lumber, slabs, flooring and finished cabinets: We take pride in our woods, our designs and our technical abilities. We are woodworkers first and wood merchants second.

The primary focus of Whitethorn Hardwoods is to provide cabinet lumber, flooring and slabs from native California hardwoods to regional wookworkers and cabinetmakers. Providing properly dried western hardwoods in dimensions sought after by fine craftsmen is a driving force for our operations.

We hope these examples of our own woodworking skills will provide evidence of our ability to answer any questions you may have regarding the hardwood species and products we offer.

Whitethorn Hardwoods: a division of Whitethorn Construction
P.O. Box 400, Whitethorn, CA 95589
707 / 986-7412