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We are a small Hardwood Mill and not a standard retail hardwood lumber supply. Our working hours are not that of a lumber supply house. Because our hours vary we also offer service on any day of the week or weekend by appointment. Please call 707-986-8090 or email hardwoods@californiahardwoods.net if you have questions or wish to make an appointment. We are punctual in returning calls or email requests.

Our operation is unique in California. Our inventory of native California hardwoods is second to none. We specialize in Madrone and Tan Oak though we have several other species in stock. Cabinet lumber, slabs and flooring are our mainstays. We offer tours by appointment. Our tours involve milling, drying, design, technical advice and inventory examination.


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Combine your visit to Whitethorn Hardwoods with a trip to Humboldt Redwoods State Park or Shelter Cove on the Lost Coast. Click here for a "slideshow" of the area.

Lost Coast: Jones Beach Trail

Whitethorn Hardwoods

PO Box 400
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Phone: 707-986-8090


Whitethorn Hardwoods

Our supplies are limited - Our hours are variable
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Whitethorn Hardwoods: a division of Whitethorn Construction
P.O. Box 400, Whitethorn, CA 95589
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