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California Native Hardwood Flooring:
Tan Oak and Madrone

Our Tan Oak and Madrone flooring products are second to none.

Our Tan Oak and Madrone flooring products are traditional ¾" tongue and groove flooring equal to any domestic hardwood flooring product. They are solid wood through and through, not a skin laminated onto some other substrate, and not a pre-finished mass produced import. Our products are West Coast Natives produced here in Whitethorn from the log to the final product.

Native Hardwood Tan Oak Flooring
Tan Oak Flooring Installation

Competitive pricing, long term durability and beautiful color offer attractive alternatives to an ordinary oak look. Our flooring is offered in both strip and plank designs with precision butt cut ends.

Tan Oak has a Janka scale hardness rating of 1400, Madrone is 1460. Eastern Red Oak is 1010 and White Oak is 1360. Proper drying and precision manufacturing make our flooring a seamless installation with built in longevity.

Our flooring has been purchased by contractors and homeowners all over the western states. Our customers are often educated, leading edge creative individuals who are conscious of the importance of nature in their lives. They are often committed to economic activities that create sustainable relationships with the ecosystem of which we are a part. Our products clearly merit consideration from discerning individuals.

Pricing, grades, specifications and availability

New Madrone Flooring Installation Tan Oak Flooring Installation

Available Molding Profiles

All styles in stock in Tan Oak -- other species as available

Recent installation of a state-of-the-art Weinig Profimat 26s molder allows Whitethorn Hardwoods to offer precision milling services to businesses and individuals in the surrounding area.  Digital set up allows rapid changeovers with minimum downtime between existing profiles.  Have your wood planed, straightlined and/or milled to precision specifications.

The following profiles readily available: 

Interior molding styles
Colonial Casing
5/8" x 2 1/4"
Colonial Casing
Coronado Baseboard
"9/16" x 3 1/4"
Coronado Baseboard
King Salmon Crown
13/16" x 3"
King Salmon Crowm Molding
Reversible Base
3/8" x 2 1/4"
Reversible Baseboard
Bullnose Stair Nosing


Custom profiles possible: call for pricing and scheduling


Whitethorn Hardwood Flooring: Pricing and Specifications

Whitethorn's Air and Kiln Drying Process

Whitethorn Air and Kiln Drying Process

California Hardwood Species: Technical Information

California Hardwood Species: Technical Information

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