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Kiln Dried Native California Hardwood Slabs

California Hardwood Slabs

Claro Walnut Slabs

Whitethorn offers a wide selection of individually unique kiln dried hardwood slabs. All species are Native California Hardwoods including Claro Walnut, Pacific Madrone, Pepperwood, Tan Oak, and California Black Oak.

Our slabs are sawn through and through - often in matched sets of four or more slabs.  All slabs available for clients are carefully air dried for two or more years prior to kiln drying. Some sets are also leveled and sanded to enable you to more easily see the color and grain and to shorten the time it takes you to incorporate these fine hardwoods into your projects.

Cabinet Grade California Hardwood Lumber
cabinet grade lumber

All of our wood is kiln dried. Our cabinet lumber has all been dried to meet the standards we require for our own projects.  Those who appreciate working with air-dried wood will especially appreciate our air and kiln drying techniques. 

For more information on the species we work with, check out our summary of the characteristics of California's Hardwoods Species and links to further technical details.

Native California Hardwood Species Characteristics and Technical Information


Kiln Dried California Hardwood Slabs

California Hardwood Slabs

Check out a portion of our current inventory of kiln dried California Hardwood Slabs

Satisfied clients: Our customers are among the finest woodworkers on the north coast.

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Check out "About Whitethorn" for more info on our succesful drying and processing techniques based on many decades of experience. About Whitethorn Kiln Drying Techniques

California Hardwood Species California native hardwood characteristics and technical sheets.


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